Sitteo (Si/mon and Ma/tteo) is the frenemy pairing of Matteo Balsano and Simón Álvarez.


Simón and Matteo first met when Simón came to Jam & Roller for the first time. Matteo was immediately jealous of Simon's closeness with Luna and they soon became rivals as they both wanted to win Luna's heart.

Their dislike for each other led to multiple arguments that arrived whenever they came across each other.

However, their relationship changed in the last episodes of Season 1. Simón helped Luna and Matteo come together after realizing that Luna was truly in love with Matteo.

Other NamesEdit

  • Simatteo (Sim/ón and M/atteo)
  • Mamón (Ma/tteo and Si/món)
  • Simótteo (Simó/n and Ma/tteo)
  • Mimón (M/atteo and S/imón)



  • Both have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Both have a crush on Luna.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both can sing and play the guitar.


  • Matteo comes from a rich family and has never worked in his life, while Simón has to work for money.
  • Simón works at Jam & Roller, while Matteo only hangs out there.
  • Matteo is Italian, while Simón is Mexican.


  • Ruggero Pasquarelli once posted a photo of himself and Michael Ronda, and captioned it with the ship name "Sitteo", confirming their ship name.[1]
  • Matteo often calls Simón "Guitarrista".

Trademarks Edit

Song - The Sitteo song could be "Prófugos," since they both sang the song at the Open Music in Season 1/Episode 26.

Episode - The Sitteo episode could be Season 1/Episode 26 because they sang together in that episode.

Color - The Sitteo color could be blue since they were both wearing it when they sang together.

Place - The Sitteo place could be Jam & Roller because they sang together there and both regularly hang out there.


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  1. Pasquarelli confirming the shipname

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