Tamedro is the boss-worker/romantic relationship between Tamara and Pedro.

Other names

  • Pamara (P/edro and T/amara)
  • Pedrara (Pedr/o and Tam/ara)


Before the Show

They had worked together for some time before the show begins, and Pedro had already started developing feelings for Tamara.

Season 1

Pedro is revealed to have a crush on Tamara in Season 1/Episode 16. He then hints at it, telling her that he likes a girl, but she doesn't realise it. Tamara tells him that he should tell her or she'll never know, completely unaware that he's referring to her. Pedro later tells her the truth, but she tells him she is too old for him and that he needs to find someone his own age. It is unknown how long Pedro still harbored feelings for her after trying to get over her, but he soon started to take an interest in Delfi.




  • Pedro has black hair, but Tamara has brown hair.
  • Tamara has brown eyes, but Pedro has green eyes.
  • Pedro is in a band, while Tamara isn't.
  • Pedro likes Tamara, but Tamara doesn't like Pedro in that way.
  • Tamara is the boss of Jam & Roller and Pedro's employer, but Pedro is just a regular employee.
  • Pedro is younger than Tamara.


Song - The Tamedro song could be Invisibles, as Pedro often felt that his feelings were invisible and went unnoticed by Tamara. It could also be Camino, as its lyrics kind of describes their situation.

Episode - The Tamedro episode could be Season 1/Episode 16, as this is the first time Pedro tells anyone about his crush on Tamara. It could also be the episode where he confesses to her.

Place - The Tamedro place could be Jam & Roller since they both work and, presumably, met there.

Color - The Tamedro color could be black, as they both wear it a lot.


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