To categorize and keep a list of tasks that need to be done on pages on this wiki, I created three maintenance categories. These are hidden categories, which means they are not visible on the bottom of pages in the categories. To get to them you can search for them in the search bar.

Maintenance Categories

Category:Unfinished Pages

These pages have missing sections, the missing sections are usually filled with TBA notices. In other cases the missing section is gone completely, and you must add the section as a whole.

Category:Galleries In Need of More Images

These pages need more images in their galleries. The galleries listed have less than 10 images in them.

Category:Articles in need of better images

These pages need better images in their infobox. This may be because of the blurriness of an image or due to watermarks found in them.

If you fix any of these problems remember to remove the category from the list in source edit mode.

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