I was researching some stuff today about the Soy Luna album, and at one point just became intrigued. So first off, one of YouTube’s topic channels (Various Artists) [re]-uploaded all of the songs on the album. The Soy Luna topic channel already uploaded all the songs, so I was confused on why a different topic channel would re-upload them. This sparked a night of research, and I found these interesting things:

1) Walt Disney Music Company

The physical album shows the publisher as Disney Music Group or Walt Disney Records, but look online a little and you find that it was actually published by Walt Disney Music Company. Walt Disney Music Company is a sketchy af sub divison of a sub divison. It is a unit of Disney Music Group, which is a division of The Walt Disney Studios. Now what makes this unit so creepy, is that it isn’t anywhere on the internet. The unit isn’t listed on their website, and it’s Wikipedia page is less than a paragraph long.

1b) Universal Music Group

This isn’t very weird at all, but it’s information you need to know to understand parts of the rest of this blog. The album is distributed by Universal Music Group, despite being published by Disney. This is actually quite common.

2) Carolina Kopelioff on Camino

The booklet that comes with album does not list her as an artist on Camino, but information provided by Universal Music Group to YouTube says that Carolina Kopelioff is an artist on the song.

3) Ana Rojas on Sobre Ruedas

Information also provided by Universal Music Group to YouTube also misnames Ana Jara as Ana Rojas on Sobre Ruedas.

4) I’d Be Crazy, Crazy Credits?

As I said before, the album was published by Walt Disney Music Company, but I’d Be Crazy was not published by WDMC. It was joint published by three different publishers: Light the Night, Nasvistaville Songs, and Songs from the Casbah. Disney owns all three of these publishers, and Light the Night is actually a sub division of Nasvistaville.

4b) BMI vs ASCAP

BMI and ASCAP are basically organizations that will collect money (royalties and through licenses) on behalf of Publishers. I can’t explain it well, if you’re interested you can look it up. Well anyway, WDMC is apart of ASCAP, while Nasvistaville and Songs from the Casbah are apart of BMI. This is considerably weird since I’d Be Crazy is an original song specific to Soy Luna.

4c) Corazón and Profugós

Corazón was published by Universal Music Publishing MGB Argentina, and Profugós was published by JJC Ediciones Musicales / Peermusic. These are understandable since these songs are covers, and the rights remain to the orginal publishers.

5) Background or Leading Vocals?

In Soy Luna’s credits Gastón Vietto, Lionel Ferro, Michael Ronda, and Agus Bernasconi are all credited for singing background vocals in songs they sing lead in. Gastón Vietto and Lionel Ferro are credited for singing background vocals in Un destino, I’d Be Crazy, and Invisibles. Michael Ronda is credited for singing background vocals in Un destino and I’d Be Crazy. Finally, Agus Bernasconi is credited for singing background vocals in Corazón.

5b) Oh, oh, oh Valiente

Gastón Vietto and Lionel Ferro also sing background vocals in Valiente , which you can noticeably hear when they are singing Oh, oh, oh in the beginning of the song and throughtout the rest of the song.

6) Overkill

Also in the credits, they credit “Guitars” and they credit “Acoustic and Electric Guitars.” What is the difference? If it’s both Acoustic and Electric, then what’s left to credit? They also credited Keybords, Pianos, and Sythesizers seperately.

I’m sorry for the super long blog post, but I just noticed all these things and wanted to point them out.

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