I think, by now, most of you have taken a stroll to the Soy Luna en Concierto page, and have seen the ridiculous amount of variance in the prices for tickets. But you may be wondering, after conversions, how different are the prices? Boom, here's a chart with US dollars... and Euros, because y'all aren't 'Murican, and that really sucks for you. The decimal is marked with a period (full stop) for everything.

Country City Original Price Price ($) Price (€)
Argentina Buenos Aires 385 ARS 24.80 23.30
Córdoba 472 ARS 30.40 28.57
Salta 660 ARS 42.51 39.95
Tucumán 550 ARS 35.43 33.29
Rosario 440 ARS 28.34 26.63
Chile Santiago 20,200 CLP 31.58 29.68
Peru Lima 110 PEN 33.81 31.77
Colombia Medellín 103,000 COP 36.10 33.92
Bogatá 165,000 COP 57.83 54.34
Barranquilla 119,000 COP 41.71 39.19
Cali 128,000 COP 44.86 42.16

I was about to say that the tickets were actually pretty cheap, but they're actually pretty average. They're way more expensive than tickets to Disney on Ice or Phineas and Ferb LIVE! ($20 each, lowest tier), but they're cheaper than Hannah Montana's tickets back in the day, which clocked in at $65. If you're going to compare them to a real concert, like Taylor Swift or something, then yeah, they're dirt cheap.

So, why are the tickets more than double the price in Bogotá than in Buenos Aires?

Well, let's take a look at the seating charts:




Buenos Aires

Also not very helpful, here's some photos instead:


I guess your ticket buys you a closer seat? maybe?

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