Dear Ámbar,

I'm sorry. If you're reading this letter, then it means that I'm no longer here and Luna gave it to you. I know I should have told you the truth earlier. I should have told you that I was sick and that I would die soon. I'm sorry for having broken up with you. But you have to understand that I did it because I love you... more than I've ever loved anyone. That's why I didn't tell you the truth and that's why I broke up with you. Because I didn't want you to suffer. I thought that breaking up with you would help you move on sooner. I wanted you to hate me so that my death doesn't hurt you.

But I realize now that I was mistaken. You couldn't hate me. Even when I told you that I didn't want to see you again, you didn't let go of me and you kept pursuing me, asking me what was your fault and what you should do to make it all right. But it was never your fault, Ámbar. I just didn't have the courage to tell you the truth and I didn't want to hurt you. I only told Luna about it. But I don't want you to think that I told her and not you because I care about her or trust her more. That's not true. I care about her as much as I care about you. I didn't tell you because all your life, you've been afraid of losing everyone you love and if you had found out that you'd be losing me too, you would have done everything in your power to save me and you would have been keeping your hopes up. But it would have been pointless, Ámbar. Because I know that I won't make it and you would have ended up hurting yourself.

If I'm telling you all of this now, it's because I want you to open your eyes and understand that not everyone is going to leave you. Maybe if now I'm gone, it doesn't mean that everyone else is going to leave you. Ámbar, you have so many people in your life who love you as much as I do and it's high time that you see that. Don't be afraid to love just because you don't want to get hurt. Love hurts, Ámbar... it always does. But it's also that love that makes you stronger. You may lose someone today but at least, you will have a shoulder to cry on. There will always be someone for you, Ámbar. You just have to let them in. Like you let me in. You just have to let them see this amazing person that you are. The person I know you are. You don't have to try to be better than Luna or anyone else. Because you're already special. You're the strongest person I've ever known. But even the strongest person needs someone to lean on. And you already have so much people in your life who are willing to be that someone. And even if I'm no longer here, it doesn't mean that I'm leaving you forever. I will always be by your side. I'll be there with you no matter what path you take.

And one day, you will fall in love again. You will fall in love with someone who will love you for who you are. And maybe that person will not make you forget me but I'm sure that when you'll be with him, you won't miss me. And you don't have to worry 'cause I won't be mad. Because all I've ever wanted was your happiness. And I will always want your happiness. Always remember that.

And... can you do something for me? Take care of Luna? Please? She may say that she's okay... but I know her. She's hurting. I know Matteo will take care of her but you know, Matteo and I never really got along and you're the only person I trust to take care of Luna. And... take care of yourself and let other people take care of you, will you?

Love, Simón.

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