Simón went down on his knees as the airplane flew away. He was late. Matteo was gone. As his eyes began welling up, memories of Matteo came like a sweet headache to his mind. Simón still remembered his first meeting with Matteo. It was like forever etched in his mind.

Simón had been hired by Mr. Balsano, Matteo's father, to be Matteo's manservant. Usually, Simón would take small jobs that did not ask much but after an unfortunate misunderstanding cost him his apartment, Simón knew that working as a waiter and delivery boy wouldn't be enough to find a new accommodation. So, when Mr. Balsano proposed Simón to work for him, it seemed to be the unbeatable job offer: a high salary and a place to live. Except, what Simón did not expect when he accepted that offer was that the one whom he was charged to take care of would be that rude and narcissistic. Matteo made of his life a total living hell. But Simón could not complain. He hated Matteo and yet, there was something about the guy that attracted him. Simón didn't quite understand what it was but he knew it was something he had never felt before.

And then, slowly, Simón seemed to break down Matteo's walls and he realized that behind Matteo's arrogance and rudeness hid a pure heart. A heart he never knew existed. Matteo also seemed to open up to Simón and then, on that fateful night, their lips met. At first, it was only their lips that touched but it didn't seem to be enough for Matteo and the latter pulled Simón closer and they shared a passionate and amorous kiss. Part of Simón wanted to push Matteo away and leave but the other part of him wanted that kiss to last forever. But still, Simón knew that that was wrong. Matteo was his employer's son. Someone he was unworthy of. And so, even though it broke his heart, Simón pulled away and went as far as possible from Matteo.

Simón tried avoiding him for a couple of days but Matteo always seemed to be there, wherever he went. He knew that keeping that job would only hurt him more and so, he decided to resign but as fate would have it, Simón learnt from Mr. Balsano that Matteo was leaving the country and left Simón a letter before going. Simón took the crumbled paper and sat on Matteo's bed and with much courage, he opened the letter.

"Dear Simón,

I never thought I'd ever write a letter to anyone one day but if you didn't know, that's the kind of control you have over me. I wanted to apologize... for the other night but as you didn't want to face me, I had to write this letter. I'm sorry for having kissed you... but I don't regret it and I know that you don't either. I know you feel what I feel... but you won't say it. I miss you. I miss our arguments, our bickering, our disagreements. I miss your touch, I miss your presence. No matter what I do, I will always think of you.

You don't know how I wish things were different... that I was not Matteo Balsano. That I was just some small town boy while you'd be exactly the same. You'd be working as a pizza delivery boy and we'd meet in the streets. We'd bump into each other and the pizza you were carrying would get ruined. You'd get mad at me for being careless and I'd fall in love with you right away, but you'd hate me and then we'd meet again and I'd manage to win your heart. And nothing would come between us...

That's the kind of life I wish I had after meeting you. But you know what? It doesn't matter anymore. 'Cause I can't keep staring at you everyday when your eyes won't even meet mine. I can't keep hoping that one day you'd finally look back at me. That's why I'm leaving. I'm going to complete my studies elsewhere. I already talked with Dad about it. He told me not to go but I know it'd be the best thing to do. For you. Part of me wants you to stop me from leaving, to come at the airport and tell me you love me and believe me, if that happened, I wouldn't leave. But the other part of me knows you won't come. But still I will wait for you. Even if today you don't come, I know we will meet again one day and that day, I won't let you go.. 'cause I love you, Simón Álvarez, and I always will.

Love, Matteo..."

Simón clutched the letter to his chest as a tear rolled down his cheek. He knew Matteo would wait for him but he also knew he wouldn't be able to wait to meet Matteo again. Wiping his tears, Simón took a taxi and left for the airport. He was hoping he wasn't too late but seeing the plane fly away implied that he was. He had lost Matteo forever. And as he made his way back to the cab, his heart heavy, Simón scented it. Just like when he had met Matteo for the first time, he had scented trouble and now as well, he scented the same thing... except this time it was a trouble he desired more than anything. When he turned around, he saw Matteo staring at him.

"I thought you had left," Simón said as he slowly walked to Matteo.

"I thought you wouldn't come," Matteo let out.

"Then why didn't you leave?" Simón asked as a tear rolled down his face.

"Because you came." Matteo responded, earning a soft smile from Simón.

"I'm sorry, Matteo for-"

"Shhh!" Matteo cut him off. "It's okay."

He then leaned in and they shared a deep and sensuous kiss. When Matteo pulled back, Simón said, "I love you, Matteo..."

And with those words, Matteo pulled Simón for a hug and they stayed there for a while, aware that time might go by but their love would never fade.

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