Asking for your opinions on my covers!!! Like I'm doing with this one. I will explain it all underneath.

Delfi pic

It is under construction currently and I'll make a new one when I get a clear idea of what I want. The red around her and covering some parts are supposed to show that she is not human, red signifying blood. The main characters are Delfi (duh), Pedro and Nico but they will be referring to each other for most of the book as "Vale/Valeria" (Delfi), Axel (Pedro, cuz Gaston looks like Danilo Carrera in my opinion and I can see Pedro as a former murderer) and "Manuel/Manu" (Nico). There will be characters from the series, Grachi (not Every Witch Way cuz Cuba's closer to Argentina (by like 3,000 km (yes I googled it!))). The characters will be Mecha Estevez, who was Grachi's best friend and Manu's girlfriend and is now Vale's best friend; Rosa Forlan, a friend of Vale who has no idea about magic; Mia, Axel's ex-girlfriend who still hates him and Amaya, Axel's younger sister and the girl Vale looks alike to. If you have seen the series Grachi you will know that Leo created Vale, but I hate him so... he's cut, dead, gone, of with the wind.

Final things: Valeria used to be a robot until she was shut down by Axel after finding out but was turned into a human by Grachi and doesn't have powers. Axel and Manu do have powers, but mostly use them so they can get ready in a morning. Valeria is afraid of both boys. The boys are her guardians since some people from the Magic Realm found out that she used to be a robot and wanted to experiment with her. Finally, this will be set in two schools. Escolarium, which is in Cuba and Valeria attends it and Balboa (also known as the less seen school in which the name I can actually remember) is a school in the magic realm that the boys attend.

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