Ámbar is also adopted. She was born the youngest child to her parents. She had an older sister. Her parents survived through a house fire but gave her away for adoption when they were struggling through finances after the fire. Later, Mr and Mrs Smith renamed her Ámbar, disliking the name Luna. The reason why Ámbar is so mean is that she is angry that her parents are never there, as she lives with her godmother. As for her older sister, she is believed to be dead. She has been told by her adoptive parents that she had one, who died in a house fire. Now to her real parents, they survived for a few years. They died worrying about their daughters a few months after giving Ámbar away. Their names were Lili and Bernie Benson, the daughters being named Luna and Sol Benson. But that's not all, both highly aware of Sharon's feelings for Bernie, Lili and Rey both decided to do something about it. 'Something about it' turned into a child. Daughter Sol didn't like this, she didn't like having a new sister. By her sister's second birthday, she'd had enough. She grabbed a match, starting a fire in Luna's room. Regretting it, Sol hid in a corner from the quickly spreading fire and taken away by Roberto as her parents fought to get out. While in a children's home, Sol forgot about what she did, and became who we know as Luna Valente.

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