So, as I believe will happen but probably won't I really hope this happens (#JasonConfirmed), Ramiro will have a larger role in Part 2. From the Rambar rumors, which I'm honestly contemplating an area, to Jorge himself appearing with the main cast on more than one occasion, this seems to check out in my opinion. And here's how I think he's gonna come at us in a way that only I shall be expecting.

We are first introduced to Ramiro as annoying and egotistical. It is not until he actually has a somewhat meaningful conversation with Jim he is revealed to put pressure on himself to be the best. And who else lives and breathes for being the best, Ambar Smith. So, the two coming together is nonetheless a perfect match already, no dirt needs to be pushed around these two are already very compatible characters to begin with. Now, I hardcore want Simiro friendship to happen because trash. But, Ambar does seem like one to be friends with Ramiro. You all know I'm one of the most pessimistic people on this wiki, and irl I have one optimistic friend. Sure, I have like two friends anyway but still. Ramiro, the kid who needs to get out more, has two quite optimistic friends who are true to themselves and kind. The kind of person Ramiro needs to become more optimistic. But, what happens when a pessimistic person and a second pessimistic person become friends. They're sure to see each other as better than themselves because that's who they are. It's their personality, so their conversations mainly rely on compliments to the other and insults to themselves. So, all they basically talk about is each other. A perfect way to fall in love.

And which pessimist is best to put with him than Ambar? And who are the other pessimists anyway? Matteo and Tamara? Isn't that child abuse? We know that both of them can be manipulative and good at getting what they want (yes Ramiro, I'm looking at you with that skating with Yam plan)(says the girl who is pulling a sicky), so what better for them to do than come up with a scheme together to get what they want? But, that wouldn't be quite right. I feel like Ramiro would try to win Yam's heart fully by using Ambar as a decoy "too close for comfort" close friend. And Ambar, desperate for her ex back, uses Ramiro as a fake boyfriend. However, the two do not know that they are being used themselves. Great minds think alike, and neither of them would enjoy being used. Therefore, the other does not tell them because they think that their plans would be ruined by disagreements. I feel like they would find out mid-part about one of their scheme and be okay with it, however hiding their truth behind what has really become a good friendship between the two. Okay so, I admit it ish don't quote me on this or take a screenshot or use it against me god but *takes a deep breath in**lets it out eventually**plays ONAF before anything else* Yamiro may possibly have a sorta moment in Soy Luna 2 I think this is killing me so much at least Jim was slightly visibly there and looked like she was about to interrupt the ugh-ness. The scene looked forgiving and like Yam and Ramiro were just making up, showing that there may or may not be a fight coming between the two. And Ana herself said something like the trio is back, or is coming back, suggesting that either she was confirming her, Chiara and Jorge's returns or the trio split up. If Ramiro was to be involved with Ambar, he would not b keeping up a good friendship with Jim and Yam really, since he would have joined the dark side *gets lightsaber out and chops Matteo in half ha ha ha sucker*. There is also a filming image on Chiara's account (Jorge, dude, we've seen your dressing room) of them all sat on a bench. The same bench that Jim was sat on in the filming image Ana posted. To me, it would make no sense really for the three to be sat on a bench, for Yam and Ramiro to then leave poor Jimena on her own then sit down on the goddamn bench again. There is also an image on Ana's twitter (I was using insta before) of her and Chiara with the crew and no Jorge, which means that it is presumably before Ramiro entered. Although, Jorge could have gone back to his dressing room.

Images being spoken about:

ChiaraJorgeYAna (1)
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