In the highlight of that it'ss been almost a year since I made my first 50 facts about me blog post (that I don't really think too many people remember), I want to make a new one! This time, with new facts (and I might have to recycle some facts). And the reason I'm doing this is because I had 2 hours of school today and I'm bored.

  1. My first name is still Rachel
  2. People call me Rach, Reichel, Raquel and "chica danesa"
  3. I'm 17 years old
  4. I currently live in Argentina
  5. I am senior in school (6to año!)
  6. I've visited Buenos Aires
  7. I know three South American countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay
  8. Soy hincha de Boca 
  9. My favorite TV-show at the moment is Skam
  10. I speak Danish, English, Spanish and Norwegian, as well as some Portuguese and German
  11. I still have an iPhone 6s in gold
  12. I love dulce de leche!
  13. My Spotify playlist is called "I'm just gonna give up making playlists" because, ya know.......
  14. The reason being is that my music taste varies SOOOO much!
  15. But I mostly listen to reggaeton, cumbia and old-school rock
  16. My favorite song at the moment is "Amor por un rato" by Olvidate!
  17. My best friend is Camila, who is also my classmate.
  18. I use school uniform (blue and black polo, brown skirt, white socks and sneakers)
  19. I love having lunch with my family on Sunday's
  20. I drink way too much tereré and mate.
  21. Michael Jackson is, and will always be, my favorite artist.
  22. I will probably start taking my driver's license, when I return to Denmark
  23. I normally wear shorts and t-shirts, because I live in a tropical part of Argentina
  24. I usually drink a smoothie, a cup of tea and eat some yogurt in the morning, and later I might take a breadroll
  25. I love cooking
  26. My Snapchat is rachelkawaii
  27. I've been on wikia since February 2014
  28. I'm mostly active on the Soy Luna wiki, Skam wiki and Violetta wiki
  29. I want to live in either Buenos Aires or Córdoba
  30. My favorite color is blue
  31. I use crocs (but only because everyone in Argentina uses them!)
  32. I want a helix
  33. I have a dog called Luki
  34. I love Starbucks!
  35. Twitter is my favorite social media
  36. Simón and Jim are still my favorite characters from Soy Luna
  37. After been living in Formosa for almost 7 months, I've realized that anything below 23 degrees celsius is cold, and anything above 38 degrees celsius is too much
  38. I don't really like Facebook too much
  39. I'm still very active in CISV
  40. My favorite foods are sushi and empanadas
  41. I love going to boliches
  42. And just to parties in general
  43. I love going to my friend Lara's house
  44. I don't wanna go back to Denmark
  45. I need Lumón in season 2
  46. Lumón needs to happen in season 2
  47. My OTP from Soy Luna is Lumón
  48. ......
  49. Okay, actually Sitteo is more cute
  50. And that's it!

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