It's finally summer (at least in the northern hemisphire xD)! And that means that there's going to happen a lot of things on the wiki! "Unfortunantly", I'm going to be absent for the entire of July, due to I'm traveling as a junior leder on a camp in Brasil. And that means that I want you to help this wiki, while I'm absent!

New episodes

Soy Luna is returning with new episodes on July 4 (yay!), and that means that there's a lot of work that has to be done. One of the most important things to do is to add information about the epsiodes (but not until after they've aired!). I've given Jessepinky the responisbility of unlocking the episode articles AFTER they've aired.

More information about season 2

The recording of Soy Luna season 2 has begun! During the next couple of months, we'll be provided with more information about the next season. However! If you want to add anything about season 2, message me or Lia, give us the source and if we can confirm that it's true, we can add it.

Summer activities

This wiki is not just about articles, it's also about fun. So who wants to do some summer games? 

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