You may know me fro Just Dance Wiki. Now I have an account of the same name. I came here to write a question. Is Soy Luna like Violettam?

Wpid-screenshot 2015-01-02-21-45-42-1

The star of Soy Luna

Tumblr n4e7byTwMU1seie76o1 500

Martina Stossel

Violetta is a Disney Channel show that first aired in Argentina in 2012. Soy Luna, is a show on the same network first airing in the same country, but it airs in 2016. The reason why they are practically the same is because the stars are both brunette haired. Does not make a difference, not having to do with anything anymore because Martina has blonde hair almost completely, but yeah.

Another thing: They have music! Violetta and Soy Luna aren't anything without music. They also have love, rivals, friends, and messages, though Soy Luna might have more.

                                                                         The Ballerina Albatraoz (talk)The Ballerina Albatraoz

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