Yamila "Yam" is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. She is portrayed by Chiara Parravicini.


Yam is analytical, rational, and determined. She has a great imagination and a great voice. Yam is impulsive and often blurts things out without thinking about it. She loves skating and hanging out with her friends. Yam is also a nice, respecful girl, and would do anything to make sure her friends are happy and safe. As Season 1 goes on, she will develop a passion for elegant and sophisticated design.


Season 1Edit

Yam meets Luna on her first day at school. Yam and Jim, her best friend, show Luna the dance they were preparing for Open Music. She and Jim also show their dance to Ramiro, who says the dance "isn't bad," and calls them "beginners."




Best Friend
See: Jam

Jam (5)

They are best friends with a passion for dancing. Jim has revealed that she has a crush on Ramiro, which Yam doesn't understand. They always have little fights, but they eventually make up. They both tell each other secrets. In Season 1/Episode 35, Yam told Jim that she would not date Ramiro if Jim still had feelings for him.



See: Yamiro


Ramiro has a crush on Yam, but Yam only sees Ramiro as a friend. They danced together in the International Skating Competition, but they were eliminated in the first round. Later, when Ramiro seems interested in Vero, it is shown that Yam has a crush on him too. When Vero's boyfriend shows up, Yam and Ramiro pretend to be dating and share their first kiss in episode 40 of season 1. They begin to date for real in Season 1/Episode 60. However, they broke up in Season 1/Episode 75.



  • She is the tallest of all the girls.
  • Yam is a huge fan of FelicityForNow.
  • She sang "A rodar mi vida", along with Jim and Ramiro at Open Music.
  • It is very likely that she is 16, since Luna is 16 and Yam is in the same Mathematics class as her.[2]
  • She can play guitar.[3]
  • The name 'Yamila' means 'beautiful'.
  • In Season 1/Episode 40, Yam kissed Ramiro.
  • She likes eclipses.
  • She wants to become a professional designer.
  • She can't cook.[4]
  • She dreams about designing clothes in her sleep.[4]


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