Yamiro (Y/am and R/amiro) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Yam and Ramiro. They were dating from Season 1/Episode 60 to Season 1/Episode 75 and from Season 2/Episode 75 to Season 3/Episode 07.

Other Names

  • Ramila (Ram/iro and Yam/ila)


Before the Show

Prior to the show, Ramiro and Yam were already friends, since Ramiro is usually shown around Yam and Jim, and they attend the same school.

Season 1

Ramiro is first seen when Yam and best friend Jim return from their vacation in Episode 2. Throughout the next few episodes, Ramiro is shown to be "just there" and constantly getting in the middle of Yam and Jim's fights and on their nerves with his cockiness. Later, Jim picks it out for them to dance together in the skating contest and Nico finds out that it was fixed so he could dance with her. However, they get knocked out in the first round of the competition.

In Episode 40, Yam and Ramiro shared their first and second kiss. They started dating in Episode 60, after Ramiro asked Yam out.

Season 2





  • Ramiro is a male, but Yam is a female.
  • Yam is closer to Jim than Ramiro is.
  • Yam is Argentine and Ramiro is Chilean.
  • Yam has blonde hair, but Ramiro has brown hair.
  • Ramiro is in the grade above Yam.



Song - The Yamiro song could be "A rodar mi vida" since they both sang that song. It could also be "Cuando bailo" since they both sang and danced to the song in the International Skating Competition. Another Yamiro song could be "Yes, I Do" as when Yam was singing the song, Ramiro looked at her lovingly.

Episode - The Yamiro episode could be Season 1/Episode 40 because they shared their first and second kiss in that episode. The Yamiro episode could also be Season 2/Episode 75, since they share their third kiss and start dating again.

Color - The Yamiro color could be navy, since they attend the same school and they both wear a navy blazer.

Place - The Yamiro place could be Jam & Roller since they both hang out there.


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