Yimiro (Y/am, J/im and Ram/iro) is the friendship pairing of Yamila, Jimena and Ramiro.


Before the Show

Prior to the show, Ramiro, Jim and Yam already knew each other and were best friends.

Season 1

At the start of the series, Ramiro, Jim and Yam are shown to be attending the same school. Ramiro is often seen getting on Jim and Yam's nerves with his arrogance and cockiness, and gets constantly caught in their silly arguments.

Later on, Jim and Yam both develop a crush on Ramiro. However, when Jim realizes she has a crush on Nico, she leaves the way open for Yam to be with Ramiro.

Ramiro and Yam eventually date but it does not work out and they later break up. Nevertheless, they still remain close friends and their relationship returns back to how it was at the start of the show: Ramiro annoying Jim and Yam, and getting caught in the middle of their fights.

Season 2

In Season 2/Episode 01, Ramiro is shown teasing Jim and Yam and the girls run after him.

Later, in Season 2/Episode 06, when the three have to perform at the first Open Music of the season, Ramiro doesn't show up as he was busy practicing with "Los Adrenalines". The girls get mad at him as they were unable to perform without him and their friendship is threatened. Ramiro tries to apologize but they refuse to forgive him.

However, when Ramiro ridicules himself at the Farewell Open Music for Jim and Yam, the girls are touched and it is implied that they forgive him as they tell Ramiro to perform with them, and they sing "Honey Funny" together.




  • Ramiro is Chilean, Jim is Spanish, and Yam is Argentinean.
  • Jim has red hair, Ramiro has brown hair, and Yam has blonde hair.
  • Yam and Jim are closer to each other than they are to Ramiro.
  • Ramiro dated Yam, but Jim and Ramiro never dated.
  • Jim and Ramiro were both in the final team for the Intercontinental Skating Competition but Yam was not.


  • They are best friends, although Jim and Yam are closer to each other.
  • Both Jim and Yam had a crush on Ramiro.
  • Ramiro often gets caught in Jim and Yam's silly arguments.
  • They performed "A Rodar Mi Vida" and "Honey Funny" together.[1][2]


Song - The Yimiro song could be "A Rodar Mi Vida" or "Honey Funny" as they performed those songs together.[1][2]

Episode - The Yimiro episode could be Season 1/Episode 02 as they were seen to be friends in this episode.

Color - The Yimiro color could be brown because they all have brown eyes. The Yimiro color could also be navy as they all wear a navy blazer for school.

Place - The Yimiro place could be Jam & Roller as they all hang out there.


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